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cocos - Customer Presents for your success


Customer presents that are received well -
USB-Sticks directly imported by the USB-expert


As a former advertising agency with 15 years of experience (1992-2007) we know not only the daily procedures and decision-making processes in agencies. Due to years of work, we have gained complex experience with cities and communities, industrial companies and service providers. All our current customers now benefit from all these experiences.
All along, using this experience always had priority. No superficial grandstand play, but longterm success.
Since 2004 we are specializing in USB-Sticks, and therefore belong to the first providers. We created the first individual USB-designs, took part in the development of digital printing on Flash cards, and have got some registered patents.


What we focus on:

  • Fast submission of a quotation for fast decisions
  • Reliable transaction and adherence to delivery dates
  • Expert advice, communication and service
  • Setting of quality standards, developments
  • Social commitment/charity




Fast submission of a quotation for fast decisions
Please use the many contact options on the website. Incoming inquiries should be answered on the same day. Inquire online via inquiry form, via phone or fax. You shouldn't wait longer than one day for our quotation. Contact us, if you need short-term deliveries, best by phone. Ask for a written confirmation of the stipulated times and dates.


Reliable transaction and adherence to delivery dates
Your deadline is our deadline. Please express your deadline explicitely to our team.
Due to time differences with our Asian suppliers, a prompt coordination sometimes isn't possible. Please take into consideration that the USB-sticks are manufactured 7500 km east of Germany. Product-based planning and the calculation of slack time can avoid delivery under stress.

Uncertainties like volcanic eruptions (example Iceland with grounding orders), bad traffic conditions, strikes, unexpected customs examinations will be more moderate that way.

Last but not least, the co-operation with a completely different culture and mentality is always an adventure, despite years of experience.
That's why we have some USB-models in stock. They can be delivered on short notice. Order it in the morning and receive it with engraving within a shorter period of time, it is possible with your help (fast release of logo).

Expert advice, communication and service
We admit that it isn't easy to select the perfect model with over 300 products to choose from. Tastes differ, that's the way it is. We know the advantages of our products. Something lightweight and flat for mailing campaigns? Something waterproof? A stick in your company colour? A stick designed like your logo? Our team will gladly provide you with professional advice. Our first USB-sticks order dates back to the year 2003 – we will happily share the collected experience with you. In addition, we provide a free-of-charge Preload-Service for imported goods (except items in stock). Do not damage your PC-slots with time-consuming preloads of 250 or 500 USB-sticks. Send us your data, we will preload your sticks without extra charge at the suppliers location. You need special packaging? Many options are possible. Let's talk about it!

Setting of quality standards, developments
We have always had an eye on the development of USB-sticks. What are the new trends? Over the years, the transparent price war in the internet has caused a loss of quality. The expensive but fast SLC-Chips disappeared completely, replaced by the cheaper but slower MLC-Chip. This chip is available in several quality levels (A-grade, B-grade...). The prices are determined by the inserted chip and controller. Not by the casing. So you can hold five sample sticks in your hands that look alike, but all with a different chip-solution inside. The difference: Higher failure rates, slow read and write speeds. We set higher standards, and have established an internal quality control. We examine all departing products if they are virus free, document the read and write speed, carry out data integrity tests, so we are not fooled by Fake-USB-Sticks and swindles.


A cocos-employee is on location in Hongkong/China, and supervises and checks sensitive orders. Besides all trust in our suppliers, this method has proven to be successful. But besides all efforts, we can not escape all mistakes – we are humans, and therefore not without fail. But this results in another advantage. In case a mistake occurs, we do not duck our heads, we actively work on the problem, and so far, we have always managed to come up with an acceptable solution.

Social commitment/charity
Low prices can't be acquired for free. The Asian employment market and the working conditions can not be compared to the ones in Europe. During many visits we took a special interest in this matter. Child labour? A clear No-Go! The development in China is tremendously fast. With our Charity campaign for the Sun Village children's homes in central China we will at least give something back to the underprivileged children in China. We work together with our local Catholic Church. Collected money will go directly to the children's homes without deduction for administrative expenses. Further information can be found on our Charity-page.


Best wishes from
your cocos-team


The management

Bernd Maier, Rainer Schubert