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High quality design USB-Stick with illuminated 3D-laser engraving � Image 0
High quality design USB-Stick with illuminated 3D-laser engraving � Image 1
High quality design USB-Stick with illuminated 3D-laser engraving � Image 2
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Hotline: +49 (0) 7131 / 64938-0

CRYSTAL-Drive (01C3D)

High quality design USB-Stick with illuminated 3D-laser engraving

The CRYSTAL-Drive is a high-quality USB-stick which is made of optical glass and metal . An USB-stick, which will show your logo to its best advantage through engraving inside the glass (3D-engraving), and, in addition, it will be illuminated upon startup by a LED (optional white, blue, red, green). Material, look and weight turn this valuable Design USB-stick into such a unique item. A patent was applied for the CRYSTAL-series.

NEW: 3D-animation preview!
You will receive a 3D-animation clip for a preview - similar like the video to the right -, which will show the stick with your logo from all sides. So you are able to see a realistic impression of the effects of your CRYSTAL-DRIVES in advance.

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Memory size:
gold goldsilver silver      
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Promotional product made of glass, with 3D-laser engraving


Glass USB-Sticks, items on stock for short-term deliveries:

The cocos-CRYSTAL-DRIVE in matt silver is also available ex stock for short-term delivery dates.Engraving inside can be done for

- 4 GB memory; LED-colours: white, blue, red
- 8 GB memory; LED-colours: white, blue, red

Please contact us for available quantities; subject to prior sale.

Advertising options: 3D-engraving inside the glass, on request engraving & printing on the metal cap
Versions: matt-brushed silver, high-gloss gold, high-gloss silver
Memory capacities: 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB; USB 2.0
LED-colours: white, blue, red, green
Delivery time: approx. 3-4 weeks after release of logo, possibly short-term delivery from stock (please ask for availability)
Minimum order quantity: CRYSTAL-Drive = 50 pieces
Price: daily prices, please inquire
Price category: medium

CRYSTAL-Drive - Pure enthusiasm

Photos can only show part of the high quality and valuable design of the CRYSTAL-DRIVE. If you hold this USB-stick in your hand, then you can see and feel the difference to regular USB-stick models, and you and your customers will be thrilled.
Not only the material is special - there are also dimensions, design and weight which turn the CRYSTAL-Drive into a piece of jewellery.
Promotional products made of glass are always fascinating. In Asian countries, gifts made of glass are of significant value. Your illuminated logo in the middle of the glass will be an impressive eye-catcher. The LED is powered via PC, so no battery is needed.

Besides the square shape, other glass shapes can be delivered on request.

3D-laser engraving / engraving inside the glass - the eye-catcher:

With the laser beam, smallest structure changes can be inserted into the optical glass, which will then display the 3D laser effect. In doing so, the surface of the material will remain untouched. The engraving in the glass can't fade nor become yellow, and therefore is immune to outer influences.

Tip: Glass USB-stick, same size, with wooden cap in maple, nut or bamboo: Crystal-Wood-Drive

Patent situation

We applied for a patent for the CRYSTAL-Drive together with a partner company, yet it is copied widely, particularly in Asia. Besides the long time for development, we set a high value on processing and quality, and would like to specifically warn against illegal and cheap copies from Asia. Our sticks are certified, are in accordance with the European regulations, and are labeled by cocos.

- European Patent / EP publication no.: EP 2687069 (for Germany: DE 50 2012 005 023.5; (PDF)
- German utility model: DE: 20 2012 103 759.9; (PDF
- Chinese Patent: ZL 201280013303.6 (PDF)
- Hong Kong Standard Patent Application No. 14103302.1 (Patent No. HK1190266) based on the Chinese Patent Application No. 201280013303.6; (PDF)

Against copies or violations of the industrial property rights we will act in the most severe way.

official warning letter



Read more about this important topic!



This glass USB-stick is patented.
We would like to point out: Exporting our glass USB-sticks to France or Great Britain is not allowed by patent law.


Silver matt, Silver high gloss and Gold high gloss

Choice of materials

There are three versions:


Matt, metal silver-coloured: Immune to finger prints, this is our standard version.

High-gloss, silver-coloured: Great reflections are particularly attractive on this version (additional charge).

High-gloss, gold-coloured: Alternative, this gold colour has a special fascination (additional charge).


Additional advertising

Another chance for a personalization is on the metal cap - laser engraving, pad printing, and now also photo-realistic four-colour printing; a real eye catcher no matter if partial or full surface imprint. We recommend discreet laser engraving. Alternative, we recommend the model CRYSTAL-Photo-Drive for photo messages.




Packaging options

Due to safety reasons, the CRYSTAL-DRIVE is always delivered in packaging (to avoid possible damages during transport). The cheapest packaging option is also our standard packaging. A transparent plastic box with magnetic closure and EVA-inlay.

The small, black box with magnetic flap-lid is optional a good choice. On request, you can order other gift-packaging, like the noble rectangular tin box with viewing window and foam-inlay, or custom-made PU-cases (minimum 1000 pieces). All boxes are delivered with a white paper sleeve for protection.

Whoever receives the CRYSTAL-DRIVE feels appreciated by the business partner. Therefore, this promotional product is perfect to ensure customer loyalty. The glass USB-stick is also ideal for employees, for competitions, events, press releases, gift hampers. 


USB-Stick cocos-USB-Crystal-Drive

The optical glass

The glass body is made of high-compressed, optical glass. An engraving inside of glass is only possible in clear glass. The demands on this glass are extremely high: Complete transparency, flawlessness, no visible vitrification or streaks. When unclean or flawed glass is used, the glass body will break during the laser engraving process.




Information regarding 3D-data:

We will be happy to check your desired logo/motif in advance, if it can be changed over to 3D. If necessary, your file/logo has to be corrected accordingly. For 2D-laser engraving in glass, meaning simple logos and wordmarks, you can send us the logo-file in all vector formats, yet preferably as EPS or AI.
For 3D-laser engraving in glass we usually can read all 3D-file formats, but we favour these files: OBJ, DAE, STL, 3DS.


In case you do not own a 3D-file, but f.ex. you would like to have your logo or product lasered in 3D into the glass, then this won't be a problem - just send us several photos from the particular product (photographed from different perspectives: from the front, from the back, from the side, angled from top ....). This will do, so we can create a 3D-file.

If you have any CAD-data at hand, we will happily examine this data as well.


During 2D-engraving, your logo f.ex. is lasered 2 to 4 mm deep into the glass block, and thus will receive a dimensional view and depth effect. Similar to embossing, the form won't change through the added structure.

3D-engraving however, will display items (people, products, goods, …) the same way as they look in reality, meaning 3-dimensional. Upon prior consultation, even finest structures and details can be reproduced during this process.

Data preloading is possible - up to 100 MB is free of charge:
Use our free-of-charge preloading service (items in stock are not included in this offer)!
With pleasure, we will preload your data directly onto the CRYSTA-DRIVE.
Whether presentation, software, company video, PDF or JPG.
Up to 100 MB data preload is free of charge.
Please contact us in case of larger data volumes.

Technische Daten

Capacities:2 GB - 32 GB
Interface:USB 2.0
Dimensions:approx. 60 x 20 x 15 mm
Weight:approx. 57 g
Colours:matt-brushed silver, high-gloss silver, high-gloss gold
LED colours:optional in white, green, red, blue (lights up upon startup)
Power supply:via USB port - no battery needed
Delivery includes:- USB-stick
- Box with magnetic flap-lid closure and white sleeve / Tin box with wihte sleeve / PU-case
Special features:- CE, ROHS and REACH approved
- Our production sites are ISO9000 approved
- 10,000 write and read cycles
- Very robust, data can be stored for a long time
Supported operating systems:Windows beginning with ME
Linux beginning with V2.4.2
Mac beginning with OS 10.0

advertising options

Logo data:Vectorized as .ai or .eps, (Illustrator, Freehand, Corel), letters have to be converted to vector graphics or paths. You will receive a free of charge logo-montage for release.
Information 3D:For 2D-laser engraving - EPS, Tiff, PDF.
For 3D-laser engraving - usually all 3D-file formats; preferably OBJ, MAX, DWG (also possible STEP, STL, DXF and CAD-data).
No 3D-data available?Send us several photos from the product in question, photographed from different perspectives. We will check, if an implementation is possible and convert it to 3D-format.
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