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Data installation


Data installation on USB-sticks / Preload - a cocos-service



Data preload is an important part of our cocos-services. The easiest way is, if all data can be preloaded during production in Asia.

Whoever tried to preload data onto 100 or more sticks knows, just how much time it will take. In addition, your computer will be affected, if the necessary precautions aren't taken. And with only one computer, preloading data will take a lot longer, of course. And the amount of data has to be considered for the preload as well.

We have a partner for preloading larger quantities and larger mounds of data.

It is also possible to install files with the autorun feature, so f.ex. the logo flashes upon startup of the stick (but it depends on the security programs of your customers' computers, if this service is working or not - it can be blocked.)


Preloading individual data


We are able to load all kinds of file-formats onto a stick (videos, presentations, etc.). And you are able to decide, whether the files on the stick are erasable or not!

  Example 1:

You can preload your company-presentation onto your USB-stick  - ideal for trade fairs or other events.

  Example 2:

Preload your current product catalogue or selected products onto the USB-stick, as well as your company address - ideal for your sales representatives.


For security reasons, please note:
File-names should not exceed eight characters and should not contain special characters.



On request, we can offer the following software:


With this security software, you can protect your stick with a password. You will be the only one that is able to access the data on your stick.