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Digital printing on Flash cards + Doming stickers for USB-sticks

Personalization of USB-Stick and Flash Card with digital printing via direct printing or Doming stickers:

Most of our USB-Sticks (logo, engraving), MP3-Players, Laser Pointers, USB-Ballpoint Pens, Mice, etc. can be engraved and/or printed. It depends on the surface. With pleasure, we will advise you, whether engraving or printing is recommendable or possible for your USB-stick. When you place an order, you will always receive a photo montage with your logo via E-mail for release. On request, we will make a logo montage (free of charge) in advance to make decisions easier. Just send us your vectorised logo (Logo data see FAQ).

>>FAQ item 8: Logo personalization
Logos in the formats .ai (Illustrator), .cdr (Coreldraw), .fh (Freehand)
or as vektorized eps.
Please always convert letters to vector graphics / paths.
No rasterizations like shades and blends!

Doming Stickers for USB-Sticks - brilliant printing images

The promotional products industry likes to use the advertising option Doming for a personalization.
Domings can be applied to all sorts of promotional products if they have a smooth, clean, and plane surface. But what exactly is Doming, and what does it have to do with the cocos USB-sticks?

An example illustrated with the USB-stick cocos-Key-Doming:

The advetising space on the holder of the USB-stick can be engraved, printed, yet also a Doming sticker
can be applied. First of all, you send us your vectorized logo. Then you will receive a logo-montage from our graphics department.


After release for production, the following will happen:

Digital printing Doming printing sheetFirst, a sheet of paper A4 or A3 is printed with your company-logo several times. This can be done via offset printing or also via digital printing (f.ex. for small orders).
An advantage is already hidden here: Digital printing wouldn't be possible on the smooth metal surface. Yet, with digital printing the implementation of rasterized four-colour motifs is possible. Logos with blends, shades, as well as photo motifs can be printed by using digital printing.
Now, liquid, crystal-clear resin is poured over the paper, which will harden after a short time.
Due to the thickness of the resin (3-D effect), interersting refractions of light are generated. On one hand, the now covered printing is protected against outer influences (moisture/scratches), also doesn't become yellow, and, on the other hand, the protected printing is displayed brilliantly.
Doming is perfect for a personalization. The haptics as well are very comfortable, since the resin has a soft look-and-feel. With the appropriate cutting dies, the Doming matches the shape of the USB-stick, and has a strong, self-adhesive stripe on the bottom side.


USB Card digital printing Doming stickerThe rest can be explained easily: The cut-out Doming sticker is then positioned and fixed on the USB-stick / Flash card.

If you are interested in this method, please ask for a sample to be sent, and address our sales department about this matter. The Doming will upvalue the model cocos-Key for sure.

>> Overview: to our USB-sticks and Flash cards with Doming stickers 



Digital printing on promotional products (USB-sticks and Flash cards)

Usually, our USB-sticks are printed with the methods pad printing or halftone printing. Digital printing is only possible in exceptional cases.


It is used, as explained above, for the production of Doming stickers. digitally printed Flash CardOur Flash cards are well-suited for digital printing. The requirement for digital printing on Flash cards is a preferably flat, white respectively light-coloured surface. The colours white, gold and silver can not be created with the digital printing technique. No colour will be used for any white part, so the basic colour of the promotional item will be seen.





gift packaging with digital printing

Besides USB-sticks and Flash cards, the digital printing technique is used on certain packaging options as well.
Light-coloured, particularly white packaging is perfect to present an additonal advertising message.
White gift packaging doesn't go with your concept? No problem, we have a solution even for this problem:
We use a sticker, and then we are able to place your advertising message inside of the gift-box. 
Please take a look at our photo gallery, and see for yourself the many uses of digital printing.

The display of four-coloured emotional image motifs, logos with blends or shades is possible. Surprisingly often, logos can only be reproduced with digital printing.

The colours for digital printing are created with four basic colours (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) - CMYK. Therefore, digital printing can not be compared to offset printing with HKS-colours. Colours only come close to pure HKS or Pantone colours. Due to the rasterization, certain mixed colours like f.ex. orange just can't be displayed as clear as a pre-mixed HKS-orange, a RAL-shade or a Pantone-shade. If you need a special colour, we will discuss this with our printer, in order to reach the best possible result. But best are clear Pantone specifications, since printing is done in Asia in accordance with Pantone colours, and the relevant Pantone colour chart is available.
We can not accept complaints regarding colour variations. Therefore, please always ask for a colour proof print, in order to avoid misunderstandings.

The following should be considered in terms of digital printings on promotional items:
Do not use too small-sized characters. If writings are in colour, they will be printed two or three times on top of each other; there will be blurred edges in case of small type sizes. In addition, the underground isn't as smooth as paper. The plastic of the Flash cards is structured. Also another complicating factor of digital printing.

Regarding negative writings, please particularly pay attention to sufficient size (9 point) and the style of lettering. Letters of Serif typefaces like Times narrow and widen out. Very thin font styles like Condenced Light should also be used with caution.

Due to the spray mist which occures with digital printing, fine writings (small capitals) will smear. Small, white writing in a red-coloured area will then appear pink.

Important details should not be featured in the side-cutting. Due to technical reasons, within a printing series there is a tolerance of up to 1 mm. Therefore, always deliver the data with 3 mm bleed all around and cutting marks, in order to even out the tolorance figures described before.
Around the edges of Flash cards or f.ex. our USB-stick e-Book there will be the unavoidable spray mist.
Regarding thin Flash cards, this will lead to all around printing; regarding thicker USB-sticks like the cocos e-Book, this spray mist is easy to see. At the moment, there is no technology available to avoid this spray mist, and this is no reason for complaint.

But despite all mentioned dangers, digital printing is a fully developed printing technique, especially for the field of small orders. cocos belongs to the leading service providers, who tested digital printings on USB-sticks and Flash cards in many experiments and advanced the process. In the meantime, it became a regularity.
If you have any questions regarding the Doming technology or digital printing for your USB-stick, please do not hesitate to contact us.