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Inquiry list: 0 Articleinfo

Important questions and answers

  1. Inquiries/Quotations

    Please use our inquiry form to inquire about our products via e-mail. We aim to return a detailed quotation with reference photos as soon as possible. At the latest, you should receive this quotation on the next working day. In case you have not received it by then, please contact us. Sometimes, mistakes are made when entering an e-mail address or an e-mail is caught in a spam filter. And, of course: Even we are not infallible.

  2. Data Preload

    We will gladly preload your data onto your USB-sticks. But we cannot guarantee perfectly functioning files. We therefore would like to ask you to check all your data and files carefully, before handing them over to us. Please do not use file names with "umlaut" (like f.ex. , , etc.), space characters and special characters, because they could be interpreted differently by other operating systems (Far East) and it could lead to malfunctions.

    Installing non-deletable files is possible. Two seperate directories will be created - a protected one and with the second one, regular data preload is possible.

    Auto-run files are also possible.

    For MP3-players, we can offer a special service. For an additional amount, we are able to program your logo directly into the software within the initialization sequence. That means, your personal greeting or logo will appear and welcome the user when the player is turned on.

  3. EAR, WEEE, ElektroG - legal regulations

    Due to the EAR/WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), respectively ElektroG (Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act), respectively EAR/WEEE directives (directives on the bringing into circulation, the return, and the environmentally safe disposal of electrical and electronic equipment), we are obligated to mark all items with a separate word mark. This is stipulated in the law on electrical and electronic equipment, which was announced on March 23, 2005 in the Federal Office Journal (BGBI. I S. 762 f.). All our products are marked. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact us.

    EAR-Registration Number: WEEE-Reg.-No. DE 76944642

  4. GEMA/ZP

    All GEMA-fees that are required for memory media are paid by us to the ZP. The fees are already calculated in our product prices.

    Please check other offers carefully, that your German importer will pay all required fees to the ZP/GEMA, otherwise you will be obligated to pay them.

  5. Setup Fees

    Included in our setup fees are logo-design, optimizing of logos for printing and engraving, setup the machines (engraving/printing), production of printing-clichs, cleaning the machines, programming of engraving steps. We will gladly vectorize your logos, but we will have to charge (on request) the production costs.

    Setup fees will be charged again one time for repeat orders.

  6. Wooden USB-Sticks

    Wood is a natural product. Minor changes and variations in colour and structure of the grain are caused by nature. Exactly this contributes to the attractiveness of the material. Sometimes wood comes with small cracks or embeddings. This is not a reason for rejection.

  7. Large Orders, Large-Volume Productions, Other Promotional Products

    For orders of 10,000 pieces and more, whether they are technical or classic advertising products, please directly contact
    r.schubert @cocos-promotions .de.

    Our office in Shenzhen will search and investigate the Asian market. You will then receive a detailed quotation or a sample. At the same time, we always look for high quality products. In addition, the products will be examined carefully in our office.

    Please describe your detailed requests in the information box of the inquiry form or contact us personally. We will be pleased to inform you.

  8. Laser Engraving

    Laser engraving has significant advantages compared to printing. It can be done faster (to meet an important deadline), it is permanent and resistant (no wear out). In addition, engraving is more precise and finer than printing.

    With latest laser engraving machines, we are able to apply laser-engraving to aluminum and metal as well as certain types of plastic fast and highly precise. There are two possibilities for laser engraving: First, there is 2D-laser engraving, where usually an engraving-depth of approx. 0.05 mm up to 0.2 mm is reached. But for some types of metal tempering colour engraving is advisable, because there is no loss of material, since the material changes its colour through heat introduction. The fine laser beam is responsible for the vaporization of the material.

    After we received your vectorized logo-file, a program of this file will be written. All data is archived and can be reused, if you would like to place a repeat order for the identical laser-motif. Common use: Safe, permanent labelling of different advertising and promotional items. Materials: stainless steel, aluminum, brass, chrome,

    Engraving of plastic after consultation and testing of the material.

    Advantages: Absolutely sharp outlines and precise reproduction of logos, pictograms, word marks and text lines. Scratch-resistant and permanent. Hardly any fluctuation in quality. Engraving of individual single names is possible follow-up orders are unproblematic, the files are saved. We need a vectorized (converted type to path) EPS.

  9. Delivery Times

    We have supplied many of our customers on schedule even under extreme pressure of time. We set a high value on punctual deliveries.

    If the delivery date is particularly important to you, please indicate this early on. But even with all of our commitment, regarding our suppliers in Far East, we depend on their reliablilty. Therefore, we visit them regularly, in order to optimize and accelerate the organization process. We have almost reached European standards. And we are very proud of that. Still: There are incalculable delays such as delays caused by customs (import/viewing of products) or failings in the delivery process (theft). And new suppliers have to proof to be reliable first.

    USB-sticks as advertising gifts with engraving can be delivered within 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the products on stock. Special delivery dates are possible for individual cases and after consultation (products on stock). Printed USB-sticks will need more time than engraved USB-sticks, because of the hardening process. USB-sticks that are not on stock, will be delivered after 4 to 5 weeks, advertising labelling included (depending on order quantity). Due to holidays in Far East, delays in delivery are sometimes possible as well as delays due to the viewing of products through customs or engine trouble with engraving or printing machines. In your own interest, please calculate a certain time-frame and place orders in time. Short-noticed and punctual deliveries need perfect delivery conditions. But we always try to deliver all products as soon as possible.

  10. Logo Branding

    We need vectorized files in .EPS-format. Further possible are .AI-formats (Illustrator), CDR-formats (Corel-Draw) or Freehand-documents. For printing, we need the exact Pantone colour specification. Please take into consideration that type of surface (subsurface) and background colour can slightly affect the result of the printing. Slight variations in colour are no reason for rejection. The shade of the engraving also depends on the materials that are used. We are not responsible for inaccurately delivered logo-data. Before production begins, you will receive a logo-montage on the product you ordered, which you will then release for production.

  11. Shortages/Overages (delivery under or over quantity)

    There is a possibility that during the engraving or printing process an advertising item is damaged. Engraving or printing a single item is too expensive. Therefore, delivery of 5 % over or under the requested quantity is possible and can be accepted.

  12. Minimum Order Quantities

    We do not sell individual, single items. We provide products for industry and businesses dealing with promotional products. Therefore, the minimum order quantity for USB-sticks with personalization / advertising labelling is 50 pieces. Lower productions are not economical, and we regret that we have to add a minimum order surcharge for quantities below the minimum.

  13. Prices

    All prices are exclusive of VAT. They are subject to our General Terms and Conditions, listed on our pages under Terms and Conditions. Errors in quotation excepted. Please take into consideration, that our range of products is subject to daily prices and also to currency fluctuations. Therefore, quotations are usually only valid for 10 days. We reserve the right to react to price changes of our suppliers and to adapt our prices accordingly. This does not apply for prices stated in a confirmation of order, they remain the same.

  14. Product Changes

    We continously try to update and better our products, f.ex. extending the functional range. And we always go to great lengths in order to provide you with the highest possible quality. In addition, we have different suppliers to get the best price-performance ratio for our customers. We reserve the right to react to technical novelties. Therefore, it is possible, that the product of a subsequent delivery might look a little bit different.

  15. Questions regarding Quality

    Choosing the right supplier is very important to us. The production sites are visited and controlled every year. Before shipment, the large variety of our USB-sticks and MP3-players is all checked in our office on-site, besides the regular examinations by the relevant manufacturers! Therefore, we are able to guarantee that only a minimum of failures is possible, damaged f.ex. during the transport to our facility. We will exchange or credit any item that was verifiable purchased from us within one year. If you solicit a quotation, please note: 5 USB-stick models that look exactly the same, can have 5 different quality levels. It all depends on the Chip-Controller Set inside! We will deliver the optimal Chip-Controller Set combination for your reliable use.

  16. Assortment outside the cocos-website

    Our office in Shenzhen will investigate and search for the requested product. Please do understand, that this is only possible for larger orders. Our scouts will always make sure, that the product is of high quality. The requested product will first be examined in our office on-site before shipment.

    Whether you are looking for technical advertising products like f.ex. monitors or classic advertising products please fill in all data into the information box of the inquiry form or contact us directly.

  17. Scaled Prices/Daily Prices

    The prices of our USB-sticks are always changing, due to currency fluctuations and daily market prices for Chip Sets. Therefore, there are often price reductions or price increases. Especially around September, increasing prices can be expected, because of the upcoming Christmas season. If you are interested in larger quantities, please inquire our graduated prices.

  18. Pad Printing

    This printing method experienced a stormy development over the past 20 years. Using silicone rubber for printing (pad) was important for its success, because silicone rubber can be perfectly shaped real easy. Silicone rubber is also ink repellent and therefore guarantees an excellent ink transfer. And with so-called pad printing machines, it is now possible to print logos, pattern, symbols, names, etc. onto uneven items and not only that; printing is even possible on different materials through direct printing without loosing quality.

    Pad printing is indirect gravure printing. Into a flat plate, called clich (here mostly used are screen printing clichs), incisions are etched, the print image. These are filled with ink. A smooth, flexible stamp made of silicone rubber (silicone is ink repellent), absorbs some ink while it is pressed down, and transfers it to the product. This stamp is called pad and gave this printing method its name.

    Pad printing offers a variety of individual solutions on how to print different items made of different materials: metal, wood, glass, ceramic, plastic, cardboard, leather, etc. for personalization or functional writing on your print objects.

    Advantages: Due to the flexibility of silicone rubber, the pad adjusts to the design and transfers it by pressing it against the item that is supposed to be printed. Therefore, it is possible to print uneven surfaces. Selection or shape of the pad depend on the form of the item that is supposed to be printed, the type of the print image, and size and position of the print image. By using height adjusting devices, printings with different heights can be accomplished at the same time. Pad printing in different colours is also possible, but depends on motif and passer. Please contact us for further information. We would like to ask you to take into consideration, that during the drying process, all printed items have to pass a drying tunnel, but the proper and necessary hardening can take between 5 to 7 days. Depending on the material! Special colours are only available on request.

  19. Advertising options: Printing or Engraving

    We always like to recommend engraving. It is carried out faster, permanent, looks very noble, and is even cheaper than two-coloured printing. As time goes by, printing can be worn out or scratched, depending on the conditions a product is exposed to.

    Blind embossing is possible on leather.

  20. Terms of Payment/Payment in Advance

    We deliver only against payment in advance. This has nothing to do with not trusting our customers. But we ourselves have to order the goods in Far East against payment in advance, and we are (unfortunately) not a bank. These are the usual trading terms in Far East countries. Therefore, we are able to concentrate on the transaction. On request, for amounts of 5000.00 Euros and more, we are able to offer 70% payment when placing the order / 30 % payment on delivery.