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Fitness-Trackers used as giveaways

Versatile promotinal gifts - Fitness-Trackers with your logo

They have been very trendy for some time now: Fitness-Trackers, or also called Activity-Trackers. The main functions of most Fitness-Trackers are step counter with distance indicator and calorie calculation, and sleep analysis. Better models are equipped with a pulse measuring function, some are even able to measure the blood pressure. The Fitness-Trackers' main intention is to offer the user an incentive to get enough exercise every day.

With a Fitness-Tracker as a promtional present, you will definitly make sure, that the donee deals with the band regularly, and therefore your printed or embossed logo will always be in sight. After all, these devices are intended to be worn on the wrist around the clock. In addition, there is the positive image of health and fitness, with whom your company will then be associated with.

cocos-promotions gmbh is an officially licensed SIG-member company, and has passed the Bluetooth-qualification process in connection with the "Bluetooth Trademark License Agreement" (BTLA).

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COTRACK 30 (29CT3) Fitness-Tracker watch with pulse measurement
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Besides the basic functions, Fitness-Trackers as promotional gifts are partly equipped with other additional features: Signalling of incoming calls through vibration, an alarm if you sit too long, a remote shutter release for the Smartphone camera, etc. For a promotional product, Fitness-Trackers also have an enormous range of functions, and therefore provide the potential to be used really long and intensively.

Usually, the evaluation of collected data is carried out via Smartphone App: There, everything is displayed graphically in an overview and chronological sequence. That way, you can see at a glance, how your daily activities improve step by step - an effective motivation tool! Why don't you send your inquiry today, and we will gladly advise you on all aspects regarding personalizations and technical functions.