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Advertising on leather products


Altogether, we provide three techniques for a personalization:
- Colour register embossing (mostly in silver or gold, light deepening in the leather)
- Blind embossing (without colour, more intense deepening in the leather )
- Pad printing (all printable colours, no deepening in the leather)





colour register embossing gold

colour register embossing silver



     blind embossing

pad printing















Information regarding embossing:

Leather embossing is done with a metal embossing stamp.

  1. The metal embossing stamp is milled out of brass, this is excellent for large orders and fine typefaces or letters.
  2. Small orders with a large typeface are embossed with a magnesium stamp. This stamp has a shorter lifespan and the outlines are not as sharp.
  3. The stamp is installed on the embossing machine. The machine embosses manually, pneumatically or electrically.
  4. The machine is heated up according to the material, with leather for example up to 120°C, blind embossing up to 180°C. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to have tests done first.
  5. For colour register embossing, a special hot stamping foil is placed in between stamp and leather. There is a large variety of colours.