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Table-Powerbank Info

Mobile phone charging station for stores and restaurants

With the Info-Powerbank, we offer a real novelty: Each device is equipped with four Smartphone-recharge ports for your customers. And in the integrated holder, which is made of transparent acrylic, you can put individually printed paper inlays. In doing so, you are able to increase the attractivity of your business premises, and, at the same time, your customers will stay much longer. Example restaurant: Present the menu of the day with the Info-Powerbank directly at the table. Then up to four people can use the Powerbank at the same time, and recharge their Smartphones. The advantages are obvious: With its info-function, the Info-Powerbank fits well into the environment, you can communicate current news or offers, and your customers are satisfied, because they are able to recharge their Smartphones. Of course, the Info-Powerbank can be used well in other sectors, too, f.ex. everywhere, where customers spend more time, whether it is consultations, or because they wait for something (car dealerships, collection of goods in a furniture store, ...), or where it fits well due to the topic (mobile phone shops, technical departments, ...).

For all places that are frequented by many people of course the safety issue plays a role. As an anti-theft protection, the Info-Powerbank is equipped with a wire rope with safty lock, which f.ex. can be secured at chair legs, loops, or other suitable spots.

Your advantages

  • Additional benefit for your customers - incrases the attractivity of the POS
  • Inlays can be printed by oneself, and therefore are always up-to-date
  • Brand-name rechargeable Lithium battery: reliable technology, long service life (approx. 500 charging cycles), without memory-effect
  • High-quality electronics with all necessary protection features
  • Printed manual (German/English)

Advertising options: printing on the base; printing on paper inlay
Rechargeable battery: 5200 mAh, 10,400 mAh or 13,000 mAh - brandname high-quality rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
Delivery time: approx. 3-4 weeks after release of logo
Minimum order quantity: 500 pieces (for 1000 pieces in your desired colour)
Price: graduated price scale, please inquire
Standard packaging: white cardboard box

silver silverblack blackdesired colour desired colour   
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With only a little effort always up-to-date

Powerbank with changing Info-InlaysPaper with the standard format DIN A5 fits in the transparent acrylic holder. For the initial stocking, you are able to also order (for an additional charge) already printed inlays according to your templates. But you can easily print them yourself, and therefore are absolutely flexible. Every day the information about a new special offer, or a new menu? No problem, you can print the inlays on normal paper with any printer. Then only put it in between the acrylic disks - done!



Technische Daten

Capacities5200 mAh, 10,400 mAh or 13,000 mAh
Dimensionsbase: approx. 160x75x60 mm, complete: approx. 160x75x280 mm
Weightapprox. 380 g
Connections4x USB 5V/2A (output), 1x Micro-USB 5V/2A (input) + 1x DC-connector 5V/2A (input)
Coloursblack, silver; desired colour for a minimum of 1000 pieces
Delivery includesPowerbank, acrylic holder for paper inlay, user manual (German/English), USB-cable (1x with standard-USB- and Micro-USB-connector / 1x with standard-USB- and DC-connector), anti-theft cable, white cardboard box
Please noteThis product is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery. Please recharge it controlled once every three months, even if the product isn't used. For this purpose, please use the included USB-cable, and recharge it on a computer.

advertising options

Printing on base:yes
Printing on paper inly:yes (for an additional charge delivery with printed paper inlay possible, otherwise printed by customer)
Logo data:Vectorized as .ai or .eps, (Illustrator, Freehand, Corel), letters have to be converted to vector graphics or paths. You will receive a free of charge logo-montage for release.
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