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Quality products for your safety

To your satisfaction. For your success.


Our demand on the quality of all our products is very high! Not only for USB-sticks!


Our product quality and product safety meet the very high German standards.
Besides Japan, Germany has the highest quality requirements worldwide.
Already during the productions of orders in Far East, the different production
processes are checked and constantly monitored on site by our own employee.


This is done in close cooperation with the QC-department of the relevant supplier.
Upon arrival of the goods in Germany, an additional, intensive quality control is
conducted by our own employees.


ISO-, CE- and ROHS-certificates are definitely a 'Must Have' for our suppliers!
The complete process chain, from receiving an order to delivering the goods,
is subject to constant internal controls.


For further information, please watch the following presentation (we kindly ask
for a little patience):