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STOP Product Piracy

Information on plagiarism

Experts in the field of product counterfeiting estimate, that approx. 10% of the entire world trade consists of fake items!

This does not only axe jobs, it also damages the owner of an industrial property right, as well as the end-consumer because of minor quality respectively products. Therefore, we would like to advise the end-consumers to be careful when buying our products and, if there is any doubt, to contact us directly.

The 'Copycats' have only one goal: Profit at the expense of others. They only copy successful products which are already in demand, and, in doing so, they save on costs for research and development, as well as marketing and patent attorneys. Most of the time, they use cheap material so that the products are of minor quality, and the buyer will not be able to enjoy the alleged 'bargain' for long.

Direct importing WARNING !!!
Illegal direct suppliers from Asia do not register their USB-sticks with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive. In Germany, GEMA-fees have to be paid for directly imported goods. Here too, the penalties are prohibitive.
In addition, we work hand in hand with the German customs authorities. CopyCat-manufactureres are listed by us at the custom offices. Imported goods are checked by customs. In case of confirmed suspected cases a suit will be filed for the emerging legal costs, the fake copies will be destroyed, damage claims will be filed.

The commercial trade with fake goods is illegal in Germany and other EU-countries - it particularly is fraud perpetrated against the buyer!

Our products convince with best manufacturing quality, warranted use of A-class quality chip-sets with fast read and write speeds, verifiable certifications for CE, FCC, ROHS and REACH, and with the usual on-time performance of cocos-promotions GmbH.

We, as the utility model and trademark owner will protect our products, as well as the copyright for the pictures of these products since we are the owner of the copyright, and basically regard any trading with fake copies of our USB-CRYSTAL-family within the area of application of the trade mark rights as an infringement of an industrial property right. We will therefore press criminal charges even in the slightest case of violation of the copyright of our pictures, registered utility samples, and our trakemark VIGORITY®. In addition, we will pursue the infringement of an industrial property right according to civil law, and will file for injunctive relief and compensation from the commercial market participants.

Please mail us, if our products are offered by traders, which are not authorized to do so.

cocos-promotions GmbH