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Promotional Products Wholesale Direct Imports

Promotional Products Wholesale 

You need 5 000 monitors, 10 000 T-shirts,
50 000 frisbees, 250 000 Flash-stickers...?

In the wholesale field of promotional products, people bargain over every cent. For orders with large quantities, we are prepared to find and offer any desired advertising item in Far East on good terms.

Your advantage: Promotional products wholesale and direct importing, the first quality control already takes place while looking for the desired item, as well as trouble-free delivery by ship or plane on schedule through our business partners in Far East. In addition, we can offer constant quality control and order monitoring from production to shipment.

Besides the wide range of products that we offer on our cocos-website, we are able to look for and provide all possible and impossible giveaways and promotional gifts, ... We are specialized in responding to any requests fast, efficiently and detailed. With individual branding/logo printing.

On request, we would be delighted to inform you efficiently and detailed about the use of the requested products and the items found. We will do our best to respond to your inquiries as soon as possible.

Requirement: Large order quantities (minimum 5000 pieces depending on the product). Please describe the desired product in our inquiry form.

Delivery times vary between 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the product, processing, order quantities and desired shipment (ship or air-cargo).


Here are some impressions of Hongkong and the biggest trade fair for giveaways and promotional products worldwide, April 2006.