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further information on promotional items

on these additional cocos-pages, you can find interesting facts and further information on promotional items. all information listed in this category is of general nature. with one click you can go back to our home page for promotional items. technical business gifts are currently in great demand. especially usb-sticks are perfect presents. not only, because they can be engraved or printed, the great advantage of usb-sticks is, that information like price lists or brochures can be installed and presented on these sticks. to do so, there are several possibilities. f.ex. data can be installed unerasable. links to your website can be included. office-software can be installed on these usb-sticks. several software can be found in our download area. many people are not aware of the fact, that we can create animations with music in the background. all we need are a few photos of your company or your products. for more detailed information, please visit our relevant webpage: your advertising film from cocos


as you can see, our category 'further information on promotional items' offers various information around our services and our assortment.